anselmi in New Zealand – Auckland

About Franco Anselmi
Franco Anselmi – Extraordinary Art For Extraordinary People

In Anselmi’s work the concerns of Italian Futurism, speed, power and movement are subtly interchanged with deceptively simple human and animal forms. Favoured subjects include Byzantine style Madonnas, glamorous women, often in trios or pairs, and the uniquely humorous Anselmi cats and owls. Sometimes we see traces of controlled surrealism as in Anselmi’s horse paintings. Here the subjects are painted at acute angles which embody their restless quest for adventure and freedom. The nocturnal owl, wisest of birds, is the only creature portrayed with two eyes, indicative of a balanced view of the world.

It wasn’t until 1974 that Anselmi began painting full time. Prior to that he had taught and lectured, having degrees in languages and sociology from the University of Urbino. Always part of the art world Franco has enjoyed professional success for many years with regular European exhibitions .His work has been shown in the United States, specifically Miami and San Francisco. 2005 saw exhibitons in LuGANO hosted by the Bank UBS of Switzerland and also Milano and Sicily.

Having represented Anselmi for several years both here and in Australia, International Art Centre were delighted to host his first New Zealand exhibition. As expected this was a resounding success. A further exhibition is planned for early 2008 featuring both new and traditional Anselmi subject matter and themes.

~ di ANSELMI Franco su marzo 9, 2008.


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